CB2 Marble Wall Mounted Shelf

CB2 Marble Wall Mounted Shelf

Don’t let a small empty space on your bathroom wall go wasted! We decided to class up our first floor bathroom with the CB2 marble wall mounted shelf.  After about a year of use, we still remain very happy with the purchase.

The shelf is a single, solid slab of carrara style marble that definitely sets it apart from entry level shelves.  We have purchased our fair share of solid white mdf shelves from Target & IKEA, but the CB2 shelf is definitely luxurious in comparison. Per the CB2 website, the dimensions of the shelf itself are roughly 24″ long, 8″ deep, and about 0.75″ in height. But, with the gold colored brackets that support the shelf underneath, you will need about 8.5″ of total clearance in terms of height in order to install the shelves.

The two metal brackets underneath the shelf are gold colored and complement the marble slab very nicely. I’m glad CB2 did not skimp on the decorative quality of the brackets.  The color contrast the brackets and marble shelf creates the eye catching quality of this piece.

I have installed my fair share of various dry wall anchors since moving into our home.  But, like a number of other reviews on the CB2 website, the provided wall anchors & screws did not work! Although a frustrating discovery, I simply had to swap them out for extra wall anchors & screws I had in my own supply. Hopefully, the provided anchors you receive work out better than ours. Other than that minor glitch, installation was straight forward.  Using my Ryobi 18V One+ Compact Drill/Driver (affiliate link) made installing the new wall anchors & brackets easy.

Real Life Use:
The shelf isn’t meant to carry heavy loads, so we’ve used it more to display decorative items and diffusers. Over the past year of changing out decorative items, the shelf hasn’t shown any wear and tear.  The wall mounted anchors are holding up fine and are showing no signs of pulling away from the drywall.

Quality & Price:
The retail price of this shelf is currently listed around $59.95 the last time I checked, but CB2 regularly has 15% off sales. Although pricier than mdf wall mounted shelves, the small touch of luxury that can be added to a small space on your walls with this marble shelf at an affordable price makes this a gem of an online decor purchase in my opinion.

Here is a link to the CB2 Marble Wall Mounted Shelf we purchased on the CB2 website: 24″ Marble Wall Mounted Shelf

CB2 also has a 36″ length version as well if you need a longer shelf for your needs.

Until the next online decor find!