Logan Media Suite Medium

Logan Media Suite Medium

Our family room media wall needed a bad makeover.  We had your standard, bachelor pad, tempered glass TV stand with a lot of blank wall space.  This combination made that side of the room feel lonely, neglected, and not so cozy.  After contemplating how to decorate the space, we decided to splurge and purchased the Logan Media Suite from Pottery Barn.  We’ve had it for almost a year now, and are very happy with our purchase.  We decided to provide a thorough review because we couldn’t find a Pottery Barn with a floor model to examine.  Hopefully the review below helps you make a decision on whether the Logan Media Suite is a good fit for your media & furniture needs.

Logan Media Suite Glass Tower
Modular Options & Customization:

First off, the Logan Media Suite is a modular system, so you can mix and match components to help meet your dimensional & décor needs.  There are open hutches vs. glass hutches, connecting bridges vs. no bridges, different size TV stands & base cabinets.  So, you can order a pre-set configuration or create a custom configuration of your own.  Our medium size system had overall dimensions of about 110″ wide, 23.5″ deep, and 75″ high.  The components included 24″ base cabinets with glass tower hutches, 62″ center console and a connecting bridge .  The medium sized suite accommodates up to a 55″ TV, so for those of you with larger screens, be aware!


Logan Media Suite Bridge

Material & Build Quality:

The media suite is made of solid kiln-dried hardwood with birch veneers according to Pottery Barn’s website.  On first impression, the quality of the build is excellent.  The wood is solid and sturdy.   I was concerned about buying such an expensive piece of furniture without having a chance to examine it in person.  So kudos to Pottery Barn for not skimping on the quality of the wood. Thus far, all of the hinges, cabinet doors, drawers, pull out drawers feel well built and without much play.  After almost a year of use and abuse from our toddler, I can happily say that the media suite is holding its own.  No signs of scratches, stains, cracking, water marks, etc.


We chose “Antique White”, and I can verify that this is more of an “off white”.  Our trim/baseboards are Benjamin Moore’s “Decorator’s White”, which is a true, bright white, and you can see a difference in a picture below, that shows the suite against our baseboard.  So, for those of you expecting a true white, be aware of this color detail.  The other color option on Pottery Barn’s website is mahogany.  The wood is edge rubbed by hand and you can see hints of the wood grain beneath.  I find this subtle touch nice, stylistic compromise between a solid, modern white and the current trend of the super rustic look.

Details You’ll Appreciate:

Baseboard notch:

At the rear of the unit, there is a small notch cut out from the base of the media suite. This subtle detail allows you to push the suite flush against a wall that has a baseboard.  This may seem minor, but being able to push it flush against your wall allows it to mimic the look of a built-in unit.  I was pretty psyched that I did not have to measure, cut, and remove part of my baseboard to get the unit flush against the wall.  Whoever designed this really put thought into this subtle touch.  It could probably accommodate a baseboard that’s just under 6.125 inches tall.

Logan Media Suite Notch

Latches & Trim on the Base Cabinet Doors:

Again, a subtle touch, but it’s nice that there was raised shaker-like trim on the doors to add texture.   Small details like this add character to set it apart from mass produced, generic consoles.  The latches on the cabinets are mainly decorative, but I like how the metal breaks up the monotony of the white wood.  Our toddler hasn’t figured out how to open the latch yet.  So, it offers some minimal baby/toddler proofing.  Fortunately, Tyler has not attacked these cabinets consistently.  Overall, the latches have endured standard wear and tear over the past year without signs of failure.

Pull Out Drawers:

Convenient pull out drawers with dividers in the lateral cabinets allow for increased storage and easy access to items.  The dividers of the pull out drawers just happen to be the perfect size to become slots to store our diapers and keep these suckers hidden away.  Someone asked and yes, the dividers are removable.

Logan Media Suite Drawer
Wire Management & Adjustable Shelves:

The cabinets and center TV stand have cut outs to allow easy access to snake wires for cable management purposes.  You can customize the height of the adjustable shelves in the center console, base cabinets, and towers for optimal placement of your media components.


Depending on the size and options you choose, the price of your suite can vary quite a bit.  Without any promos, sales, and coupons; a small Logan Media Suite setup can retail for about $2895 and ranging all the way up to $3994 for a large Logan Media Suite setup.  But, Pottery Barn regularly has 15-20% off promos for email subscribers, and if you’re lucky, sometimes 30% off sales.  We waited for a 20% off promo prior to purchasing.  So obviously, wait for a sale or a promo if you can.


Delivery & Assembly:

Delivery of the unit went smoothly with a two man team.  They brought it to our room of choice and assembled the unit for us.  Service was excellent and professional and most importantly, no frustrating assembly required.

In conclusion, the Logan Media Suite from Pottery Barn is an excellent media wall setup made of quality materials and is clearly designed with attention to decorative details & practical functionality that set it apart from mass produced, stock TV consoles and stands.  Here are the “before & after” pictures of our previous TV stand vs. the Logan Media Suite which highlights how it can transform your family room or media room in an instant!


Please visit Pottery Barn for more details.

Feel free to email or message me with any further questions.

~Andrew K