Does your child rush into your room at the crack of dawn and jump on your bed excited to play and start the day, only to be met by your groggy groans? Well that was my daily morning routine until recently. So I decided to purchase the Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer to help my 4 year old understand when it was ok to come into our room in the morning.

I know what many of you are thinking. Why do I need a device to help train my child with his sleeping and waking? You probably don’t. But, for me, I know where my strengths and limitations are and I’ve just struggled with getting him on a good morning routine. So, I decided to give the Mella a try and will give an overview and my thoughts on whether it worked or not.

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For those of you that would rather read, here are the main functions and features of the Mella. I mainly bought it for the sleep/wake trainer function, but it also functions as a:

1. Sleep & Wake Up Trainer

2. Alarm Clock

3. Sound Machine with timer

4. Night Light with timer

5. Nap Timer

Sleep & Wake Trainer Features:

For this function, you set and designate a bed time and wake up time. When it’s time for bed, you see the cute digital face show a sleepy face and a moon symbol. When it’s within 30 minutes of the set wake up time, the LED ring around the Mella glows yellow. So you just have to explain to your child, yellow means, it’s almost time to wake up but not quite. So tell them to go back to bed, do their morning routine (brush their teeth, get dressed, play) until the LED light turns green at wake up time. Tell them, green means go! And they can rush off to wake you up and get the day started.

Once the LED light turns green, they can either press the button on top of the Mella to turn off the LED light, or the auto shut off function will turn it off within an hour.

Alarm Clock Features:

The Mella also serves as a basic alarm clock with 3 different alarm chimes you can choose from, watch my review video to hear the various sounds.

Sound Machine Features:

The sound machine function features three 3 different ambient noises: generic white noise, ocean sounds, and a soothing lullaby melody. You can adjust the volume to 5 different setting and also adjust the length of time you want the sound machine to play ranging from as short as 10 minutes up to 90 minutes.

Night Light Features:

At bedtime, you can also turn on the night light feature to have the Mella functions as a night light on a timer. You can toggle the settings to adjust the brightness of the glowing LED ring itself and also adjust the settings of how long you want the nightlight to stay on for. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t believe you can set a specific time for the nightlight to turn on, which would be nice. It seems you have to press the button on the bottom panel each time, which can be annoying to do nightly.

Nap Timer Features:

Basically, you can set a timer for naps. Since my child is 4 years old right now and doesn’t nap, I really haven’t used this feature and not sure how useful it would be honestly.

My Ending Thoughts:

Overall, I bought this specifically to help me selfishly get an extra 20-30 min of sleep each morning. After about 2-3 days of my son getting used to this… it worked like a charm! I was skeptical and ready to return it after a one week trial, but I couldn’t believe it. We are now almost 1 month in and my son wakes up each morning, sometime before or after the LED light is yellow, and when he sees it, he goes to brush his teeth, get dressed and finds something to occupy himself with in his room until it turns green. Then, he runs like the flash to wake me up LOL. But, it’s worked like a charm, which honestly, was a pleasant surprise.


*Cute aesthetics

*Has a backup battery, so if unplugged, settings get saved.

*For my child, worked quickly, to help with his morning wake up routine

*Has a number of functions


*Cost! $49.99 yikes! There are definitely cheaper alternatives out there on Amazon. So why did I pick this? Well, it had over 4700 reviews at the time, was rated at 4.5 stars and the cuteness of the item swayed me as well. But, for me, it worked so well for the purpose I needed that I see it as worth every penny. If you get mixed results, I could easily see how one would say this was not worth the expensive cost.

*Settings buttons are confusing and annoying to toggle through at times. I feel like you have to toggle through too many buttons to change settings. For $49.99, it would have been great to have a similar clock with a companion app that you could change setting with your phone. (hmmm someone want to create one with me?)

All in all, although a bit pricey, I am happy with the purchase and have been getting an extra 20-30 min of sleep every morning.

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