Easy DIY Donut Wall

Easy DIY Donut Wall

Have your eyes and stomachs envied the donut wall crazed images on social media?  Well, satisfy those jealous pangs with a simple, easy DIY donut wall of your own.  The best part is, you can customize your easy DIY donut wall anyway you want.  From the size, color, stain, pattern of donuts displayed, and decorations galore.  All you need is the simple frame work to hang your donuts and decorations on.

First of all, there are plenty of donut wall tutorials floating out there on social media and people use various materials for their wall.  But, I love the look of stained wood which brings out that warm, rustic feel.  So, I decided to make mine out of some select pine boards.  Without a real blueprint, I whipped mine together in about 45 minutes out of left over wood I had laying around my basement.

Materials & Tools Used

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*Six 1″ x 6″ select pine boards that I cut to 48″ in length.  Buy pre-cut boards, have your hardware store cut them for you, or cut them to size with your miter saw.  I used my Dewalt sliding compound miter saw to make some quick cuts like a hot knife through butter (I love the XPS LED lighting system for easy accurate cuts).

*Three 1″ x 2″ scrap pine boards.  Two were at 33″ in length, one was about 27″ in length.

*Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer & 1.25″ finishing brad nails

*Wood stain of your choice

*Ryobi 18 volt One+ Compact Drill/Driver

*3/8″ dowels cut to about 1.625″ long pieces to hang the donuts on.


How I Made My 48″ L x 33″ W Donut Wall

Easy DIY Donut Wall Back

I laid out my six 48″ long select pine boards side by side.  Because these were select pine boards, they were relatively straight & not very bowed.  So, rather than jointing the boards to make them absolutely seamless without gaps, I tried to arrange the boards the best I could to have minimal gaps between each board.  See the pic at the start of the post which illustrates what I just described; the two boards on the far left have a small gap between them, but whatever.  It’s a quick, fun, donut wall, not timeless furniture I was trying to make.

Once I had the long boards side by side, the width came out to approximately 33″ wide.  On the side that I determined would be the back of the donut wall, I laid out the three strips of 1″ x 2″ would as shown in the pic above.  I made sure that the wood spanned the gap of all the boards.  It’s large and would be leaning against a wall for display.  So I knew I didn’t have to be careful, precise, or worry about using wood filler to hide nail holes.  So, I just went a little crazy with my Ryobi Airstrike nailer to secure the three 1″ x 2″ strips across the donut wall to keep the boards together.

DIY Donut Wall Dowels

On the front side, I drilled holes where I wanted to stick in the dowels for hanging donuts.  Again, you can drill holes wherever you want to hang the donuts, so come up with whatever pattern you want.  I opted for simple rows of donuts to allow the frosting of the donuts to be the decorative element.  Use a drill bit slightly smaller than your dowel diameter and you can work your way up.  You don’t want the dowels too be too loose and fall out.  Just make sure not to drill all the way through your boards! I drilled just slightly more than an eight of an inch deep for each hole.  You could use a drill stop, wrap tape around the bit at the depth you want, etc. to help guide your depth of drilling… but again, I just eyeballed it, cuz… it’s a fun donut wall…

I left a large space at the top of my donut wall to allow for hanging decorations, such as the lit up letters as you can see below.  I stained the wood to a color of my liking.  Let it dry.  Placed the dowels into the drilled holes…. and voila!  Just hang up your donuts and you have yourself your easy DIY donut wall completed.  Again, there are a million and one different ways to do this, I just made this one on a whim and rather quickly with this method, and it turned out way better & more utilized than I could have ever imagined.  It was built about 8 month ago and is still holding up strong after being lugged around here and there.  Maybe I’ll create different versions down the road and be more perfectionistic about it then with improved ninja-donut-wall-making-skillz!

Wedding Easy DIY Donut Wall

Now for the fun part!  Customize and decorate your donut wall however you want to complement the occasion you are celebrating.  So far, we’ve decorated our donut wall for a Christmas dinner with friends that we hosted and another time it was used at a dessert table for a friend’s wedding (glad you liked it #ChoifulWangs).  It was a hit on both occasions and the centerpiece of many Instagram & Facebook photos at both events.  We were happy that everyone else was stuffing their face with donuts and taking photos & selfies with the donut wall.  That’s what I call DIY satisfaction!

Christmas Easy DIY Donut Wall


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~Andrew K