Customize and save money by building an easy DIY Card Box for your wedding or next event.  Helen asked me if I could build a wedding card box for her friend and was nice enough to find me some blueprints for the build.

Please check out Jenn’s website and here is the specific link for her DIY Card Box Plans.

The link to her plans include a list of required tools and materials, a cut list, and an overview of the build.


My Own Touches

For the most part, I followed Jenn’s plans with the exception of the following.  First, I was too impatient and didn’t end up using wood glue.  I just focused on using more brad nails in appropriate areas.  Ultimately, the end product still feels pretty solid and without any noticeable gaps even without the wood glue.  I found my hinges at Menards, which were about $4.10.  Once the build was complete, I sanded down the box, filled in the nail holes, applied just a touch of caulk to a few areas, and applied some Zinsser Primer to the wood. I applied the primer in order to avoid splotchy areas and to get a smooth look when I spray painted the entire box white.

Finishing Touches

Finally, Helen opted to decorate the front of the easy DIY card box with a banner and stick on letters that she scored from Michaels (see pic above).  We simply taped the banner up with string and voila!  Easy DIY card box complete! “Feed me loving words, cards, and money, money, money!” said the easy DIY card box.  j/k… not really…seriously, cash is the best wedding gift people…

Lessons Learned

You can see in picture below, I messed up on the latch.  I couldn’t find the type of latch used in Jenn’s plans at the hardware store. Also, the loop & hook system I bought as an alternative didn’t fit either.  Why???  But, I was able use the loop part of that set as a pseudo-latch to keep the box closed.  If I had more time, I would have hunted down a proper latch.  Take home lesson… don’t rush a DIY project and find the materials you need to give your hard work the fine finishing touches it deserves.  Other lessons learned from this quick build: I still need to work on precise cuts & jointing and my finishing process in order to minimize visible seams.  But, this motivates me to keep  getting better with each new project I tackle!

Congratulations Karen & Andy.  I hope the card box was filled with loving messages and I’m glad I got to help out with one piece of your stressful but wonderful & unforgettable day!

~Andrew K