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Accent wall by @themintlist

Unique Accent Wall Inspiration @ChicknSours London

#accentwall inspiration @chicknsours seven dials location in London, credit to @themintlist Not only did I have a delicious meal of deep fried juicy chicken, but their accent wall made of individual metal printing press plates/metal stamps superimposed on wood was unique and eye catching. Maybe a future accent wall in the home office or man …


Pantry Nook Inspiration: Great Northern Hotel in London

Pantry nook inspiration! Cozy and adorable pantry nook with beautiful blue-grey shaker style cabinets, cup style cabinet pulls, glass front upper cabinets with interior LED lighting, wood top counters, natural light and most importantly complimentary coffee, teas, and sweets for guests. Thank you for the great stay @gnhotel and for the pantry inspiration. #pantry #pantrynook …

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