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Save Money by Building an Easy DIY Card Box

Customize and save money by building an easy DIY Card Box for your wedding or next event.  Helen asked me if I could build a wedding card box for her friend and was nice enough to find me some blueprints for the build. Please check out Jenn’s website and here is the specific link …

Easy DIY Donut Wall

Easy DIY Donut Wall

Have your eyes and stomachs envied the donut wall crazed images on social media?  Well, satisfy those jealous pangs with a simple, easy DIY donut wall of your own.  The best part is, you can customize your easy DIY donut wall anyway you want.  From the size, color, stain, pattern of donuts displayed, and decorations …

Accent wall by @themintlist

Unique Accent Wall Inspiration @ChicknSours London

#accentwall inspiration @chicknsours seven dials location in London, credit to @themintlist Not only did I have a delicious meal of deep fried juicy chicken, but their accent wall made of individual metal printing press plates/metal stamps superimposed on wood was unique and eye catching. Maybe a future accent wall in the home office or man …

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